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Our Mission
Researchers need good quality information about their pensions. We want to build an internet portal to publish this information in a clear concise way. The portal seeks to bring together all relevant parties: employers of researchers in the public sector, pension providers and (where applicable) regulators. To ensure all information is as comprehensive as possible we are asking you to cooperate with us.

The site is still under construction. Soon you will be able to upload your company brochures and pension scheme details by registering directly in the portal. At a later stage all registered pension institution's names will appear on the site with their logos alongside them.

What will the 'FindyourPension' portal do for Employers and Pension Providers?

Employers of Researchers in the Public Sector
In terms of attracting and keeping the best minds at your institute an attractive retirement provision is just as important as a good salary and working conditions. You have the opportunity to set forth the details of your pension scheme on the portal. You may also post your organisation’s contact details or the details of a designated contact person in the portal. Information about pensions is vital to researchers.
Pension Providers
On registering you can post all relevant information about your own system and schemes for the benefit of your researcher clients. When they move from one country to another questions about pension systems in the new countries naturally arise. Even the best in customer service representation can overreach itself if asked to give answers on these systems and the products of other companies. The new ‚FindyourPension’ portal is a hub for information on pensions and will answer all questions quickly and efficiently. 

As the demand for the best minds spreads to other sectors the phenomenon of mobility will continue to grow and be even more relevant. Now is the time to address this issue together. If you want to join the community please contact us via email and we will be glad to answer your questions and give you more information.

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