European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions (EAPSPI)

EAPSPI is an association of 26 public sector pension schemes out of 16 European countries that are responsible for nearly 33 million active members and pensioners in the public sector.

The connecting factor of EAPSPI’s members and observers is thus the public sector in Europe: they cover the special basic pension schemes for civil servants or the supplementary schemes for public employees.

EAPSPI’s main purpose is to enable its members to improve the mutual knowledge of their institutions and that of the social system of their respective countries. EAPSPI actively takes part in the construction of a social Europe. Therefore, EAPSPI’s members analyse ways and means of improving services offered to their clients (pensioners, active members and employers) by learning best practices from other institutions and by analysing the impact of EU-law for the national pension schemes. To achieve this purpose, EAPSPI promotes exchanges of expertise and information through working groups, conferences, seminars, information letters and direct contacts between its members.

The role of EAPSPI is not limited to a mere information exchange. The importance of EU-law in the field of pensions is steadily increasing. Therefore, EAPSPI also offers a common platform for the pension institutions of the public sector towards the European institutions, such as the Commission, the Parliament and other stakeholders at EU-level. However, EAPSPI is not a pressure group. EAPSPI merely aims to position itself as a pension expert in order to demonstrate the effects especially of new legislative projects. Hence, EAPSPI develops relations and interacts with European institutions and other international organisations.

(Source: EAPSPI Webpage - Date: 04.11.2014)

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