European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP)

A European Alliance in Social Insurance
In a constantly evolving and increasingly complex environment, strategic alliances are the way forward. The continued development of the European Single Market and in particular the free movement of citizens in an enlarged Europe call for greater transnational cooperation between the various social insurance systems.

The different systems need to come together to exchange views and develop strategies to meet the common socio-economic challenges, to share their good practices and take constructive positions so that they can contribute to the decision-making process at a European level. To this end, the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP) was created in 1996. Since January 2009, ESIP exists as a legal entity under Belgian law and represents a strategic alliance of over 40 national social security organisations across Europe.

ESIPs mission
  • To preserve high-profile social security for Europe
  • To reinforce solidarity-based social insurance systems
  • To maintain European social protection quality
ESIP represents
  • A platform for transnational dialogue between national social security institutions in Europe
  • A strategic network for developing common positions to influence the European decision-making process
  • A consultation forum for the European institutions and other multinational bodies active in the field of social security
What we do

Europe's social protection systems need strong support in order to prove their added value for productivity in Europe. This support must come from the responsible organisations themselves by contributing directly to transnational dialogue. An important part of ESIP's work is to facilitate this dialogue and improve the exchange of information between the social security institutions in Europe. ESIP does this by bringing together national experts in special working groups (Standing Committees) to promote transnational cooperation in the various social security sectors which are relevant at European level: pensions, health, family and employment as well as general social policy matters. Other specialist groups focus on cross-border cooperation in the field of information technology and exchange of practice in cost containment, evaluation and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products.

From our offices in Brussels our experts carefully monitor and regularly inform and advise our members on the socio-economic and political developments at European level having impact on the various branches of social security. Together with our members we officially submit their common views and advice to the Community Institutions. In this way our members participate directly in the decision-making at European level and help to reinforce the systems of solidarity-based social insurance.

(Source: ESIP Webpage – Date: 04.11.2014)
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