About the Project

The development of the portal is a part of the VBL project 'Partnership for researchers'. The aim is to remove obstacles to the mobility of researchers employed in the public sector with regard to their pensions. The core issue is to improve information services for the target group of mobile scientists.

In recent years the European Commission has initiated a number of measures to strengthen the European Research Area. The European Member States have concluded the initiative 'Better Careers and More Mobility - A European Partnership for Researchers' in order to improve the working conditions of mobile researchers. One of the key subjects is the social security and supplementary pensions of mobile scientists. When researchers move from one job to another questions about the pension systems of all three pillars throughout Europe will naturally arise.

Our Aim
Many public sector employers provide their scientists with an attractive pension scheme. Pension systems in Europe are as diverse as the member states themselves. But diversity is not an obstacle to mobility. However, it is necessary to ensure that all relevant information is provided. The 'FindyourPension' portal seeks to offer this information on a clear concise platform. In this way mobile researchers can trace the details of their pension.

Who we are
VBL (Supplementary pension institution of public sector employees in Germany) deals with the occupational pension schemes of most of the researchers in the public sector in Germany. The project has been initiated by VBL and is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

Download: Flyer "Find Your Pension", 233 KB, PDF

Link: The European Commission on the Partnership for Researchers

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