FYP uses Http Cookies to obtain information in order to analyse the needs and preferences of our customers and users and to improve the design and usability provided on this website. Http Cookies are small text files that a customer’s internet browser stores in a proxy server for temporarily storage on the user’s computer.

The HTTP Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a stateless protocol. It therefore enables the web server access regardless of all others, and Cookies allow the recognition of the Internet browser each single access is independent of another. Cookies enable websites to identify returning users to the website.

There are different kinds of Cookies used on the FYP website. The use is not for advertising reasons but only for supporting users in understanding the various pension schemes more clearly: While the third party cookie google map intend to make finding your employers more simple, do persistent cookies enable saving career and pension biographies in the personal section “My Track”. Of course, it is possible to exclude the http cookies on our website. However, you should be aware, that this would exclude the mentioned functionalities of the website as well. Thus, it could make sense to allow cookies on the FYP website.

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The FYP website uses four kinds of cookies:

ePrivacy Directive-Cookie (eu_cookie_directive)
When using the website an information box about the use of cookies according to the EU ePrivacy Directive opens in every session until you have acknowledged the use of the session cookie. In order to see if a user already acknowledged the info box in an earlier visit of the website, the EU-Cookie is set.

After acknowledging, the cookie will be deleted at latest after one year.
If the user deletes the cookies in his browser, the ePrivacy Directive-Cookie will also be deleted directly.

Session-Cookie (session)
The FYP open section, which can be used without registration sets a Session Cookie. It is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifications (e.g. when a participants of uses a specific site for a longer time period, the repetition of entering the password falls away).You may know Session Cookies on webpages with basket functions for shopping online. Session Cookies are not stored permanently on the user's computer since they disappear when the browser is closed.

In order to navigate and read the website`s content easier, FYP uses the Session cookie.
It does only expire for the actual session and will be deleted at latest after 60 minutes.

Persistent Cookies
The Persistent Cookie is similar to the Session Cookie. The only difference is the expire time. The Persistent Cookie does not expire after every session. Meaning that saved information by the Persistent Cookie will be transmitted to your next visits on the FYP website. It will be deleted at the latest after one year.

FYP uses the Persistent Cookie for enabling the career and pension biographies saving in the personal section “My Track”.

Third Party-Cookies
Third Party Cookies belong to a different domain than shown in the web browser’s address bar. FYP uses the map of the website in order to illustrate the employers and pension providers listed on the FYP website. The use of the google map shall facilitate the functionality and the use of the website.

Since the functionality of the FYP website is constructed by an employer-oriented search, which can easier be selected on the google map, you should accept the third party cookie for using all functionalities of the website.

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