Changes of pension landscapes within Europe!


Picture: Changes of pension landscapes
Pension themes are a hot topic all over Europe. Due to demographic changes people live longer and most of the European populations are shrinking. In order to keep pension systems financially sustainable they have to be adapted from time to time.
One example: Finland has introduced a new reform in 2017. The objective of the Finnish reform is to encourage people to work longer and postpone their retirement. Thus the reform intends to shift the expected effective retirement age to at least 62.4 years (currently 60.9 years) by 2025. Possible instruments to reach this goal are changes in the so called pension accrual rates, the introduction of a general retirement age of 65 and its automatic adjustment to life expectancy after 2017. Of course all details about the Finnish reform can be found on our website and you can read the latest updates in our Finnish Pension Landscape and Pension ABCs from Varma and Mela.

Other Pension ABCs have been updated recently as for example systems in Slovenia and Austria. There will be a lot of other pension reforms which could affect your later pension benefits or insurances. That is why FYP now offers a new RSS-feed function.
Picture: RSS Feed Icon If you want to stay tuned in about the ongoing changes just log-in to our RSS-feed!

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