Declaration on Partnership signed in Brussels.


Whereas FindyourPension (FYP) – the first European Tracking Service (ETS) in place - is mainly created and contains information for mobile researchers and academics, another project started in 2013 in order to connect all pension providers and national tracking services (NTSs) in Europe and provide personal pension data for every European citizen.
During the past 3 years the so called Track and Trace your Pension in Europe (TTYPE) Project explored if such a service would be feasible and how it could be established. Many expert meetings and other exchange opportunities have been held to achieve consensus and motivation for the establishment of such a service.
On the 14th of January the last TTYPE expert meeting took place before the termination of the project. During the morning all existing Pension Tracking Services in Europe were invited to exchange their experiences, challenges and ideas. Thus 11 out of 14 NTSs and the European Service for mobile researchers FindyourPension presented their websites and provisions in order to consider and discuss a possible support in the development process.

In the afternoon the general expert meeting took place discussing costs, roadmap and a possible governance of a future ETS. In front of around 60 participants from the pension scene a declaration on partnership was signed between TTYPE and FYP. Both parties declared to share the mission to strive for establishing a European pension tracking service and therefore declared their partnership by underlining 5 principles. Acknowledging that FYP is an ETS already in place it was agreed to cooperate in developing a solution for a complete ETS in which FYP will be preserved as an independent component. It was said that FYP is an efficient partner and inspiration towards implementing the general and basic knowledge on European Pension systems and Landscapes. In addition FYP’s knowledge and experience gained in terms of providing information to internationally mobile workers will be a useful contribution.
Interested in learning more about the National Tracking Services of Belgium, France, Finland, Norway and Sweden? Then have a look in the respective Pension Landscapes (section Pension Landscapes) or at the Pension ABCs of the listed pension providers/schemes in those countries.

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