Preparations for the new FindyourPension website are in full swing and we look forward to your continued loyalty towards You can follow the progress of the development and the ETS project in our newsletter.

What remains and what’s new?

You will still be able to find the previous Pension ABCs and Pension Landscapes at the beginning of the relaunch. Thereafter, these will be extended to the wider user group and will be revised, following a user-centred approach. This approach allows for a new concept of cross-pillar and target-group oriented presentation. In addition, a pension tracker service is being set up as part of the new MyDashboard function. This will initially make personalised pension information from Belgium available during the pilot phase. The necessary interfaces for other countries are to follow soon.

After 10 years of building the FYP portal, to inform and assist mobile researchers in dealing with their pension provisions, we claim that will continue to assist and help ALL EU movers regarding their pension biographies, and eventually track their individual entitlements from there.

The new European Tracking Service (ETS) Project started in 2019, see ETS – About us, and we will have the new platform up and running with the European Pension Landscapes, contacts and interfaces. This, however, will still take a little while. The first step, regarding the technical facelift of the platform is now imminent.

Information for users of MyTrack/MyPension:

Should you have data stored in the current MyTrack service, please be aware of the following:

Due to the complete change and overhaul of the platform, it is not possible to automatically migrate the previous user accounts into the new system. This means that the previous user accounts, in particular user data, will be deleted. Therefore, in order to maintain your "track and pension summaries", please save them on a device of your choice.

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