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The goal of FindyourPension is to support researchers in dealing with their pension provisions

This is a difficult subject with many obstacles for all, not only for researchers, who were never confronted with the pension theme. Due to its professional complexity, the information is often filled with special terms/jargon and thus is not easy to read for the customers. In order to evaluate if our customers find our website helpful, understandable and userfriendly, we have created a survey to see where it could be improved. This survey is now published on our website. On the basis of the results of this survey, we will revise and improve the actual features and information.

FindyourPension exists since 2011, and is a constant work in progress The information is getting more detailled and has to be updated every year due to changes in legislation in each represented country. We ask you to participate in this survey, and to share your feedback with us. Our goal remains to inform researchers about their pension and to let them make the right choices, when working abroad. For this reason, FindyourPension needs your participation!

We thank you in advance!

We need your feedback.

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