Special features. MyTrack and User Guide.


With the new feature - MyTrack - you have the option to save your employer details when visiting the FYP website. This will save you time when having to refer to your former or current employer(s) on consecutive site visits. And to make that work, after consenting to it, cookies are kept for one year when referring to your employment biography. Currently the project team is working on the establishment of a personal section. In this tool it will be possible to save both your detailed personal employment- and pension biography.

In order to help the users to search for their individual pension schemes, we have included a User Guide on the site. Your employer is your key search criteria because it determines your pension provider and leads to the required information about your later pension. You may also search via a specific country and obtain an overview of employers and providers found on the site. But should your employer not be listed under EMPLOYER, please note that
  • The statutory pension scheme will apply to you in almost every case.
  • Registration/participation at an occupational or company pension scheme may depend – among others – on your contract/work status or both aspects.
  • Some employers are not listed on FYP, even though they are affiliated to the same pension schemes as the listed employers in the same country. Have a look on your pay-slip and you should find information on your pension provision and institutions.

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