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2016 was packed and held a few surprises. But behind the scenes FindyourPension was also very busy and we’ve introduced a personal section on the website in order for you to have the possibility to keep track of your pension biography.


Another issue that we are sure will affect many of you would be the myriad changes to the pension system in the UK as a whole. We have included the Pension ABCs for the State Pension in the UK, and updated the ABCs regarding the University Superannuation Scheme (USS). Both systems have undergone major changes last year which might be of interest for all of you who are or have been working in a research or academia job in Great Britain.


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Pension changes in the UK
New feature in FindyourPension
FYP visiting Bremen
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Pension changes in

the UK

This year seems to be filled with major changes on fundamental issues concerning the United Kingdom and its inhabitants. Besides other developments, some remarkable changes within the pension systems came into force. Britain is a country with many research facilities and a lot of researchers spend at least one phase of their careers there.
Thus, the changes in terms of pensions are worth to have a look at and we will give you an overview in our newsletter. Details of the systems are explained in the respective Pension ABCs of the UK Department for Work and Pensions and the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).

Picture and link: new feature

My track

New feature in FindyourPension

Have you ever thought that assistance in remembering all your career- and pension stations would be helpful? This is what many researchers expressed in the talks at the FYP consultation events during the past three years.
Due to the fact that general pension information alone may not be sufficient to estimate or even remember your pension claims, FindyourPension (FYP) has decided to upgrade its website with a Personal Section, called FindyourPension My track. Especially when moving around you should keep track of all the pension providers you have been insured with in order to never forget
‘Who will pay your pension some day ...?’

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Picture and link: FYP visiting Bremen

3. Edition

FYP visiting Bremen

As stated in many surveys and studies about old age provision: Thinking on old age is one of the biases (aversions) to actively deal with old age provision. However, there is one situation where employees start wondering on pension provision. This is when looking at their pay slips and realizing that deductions have been made from their more

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