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Dear Reader,

Firstly, the FindyourPension Team would like to wish you a healthy and happy New Year!

A new year means a new start. A lot of changes in legislation have been introduced within the European countries also concerning pension legislation. Some systems have undergone major changes last year which might be of interest for all of you who are or have been working in a research or academia job like for instance in Finland or in Ireland.

Here the content of our current newsletters:

Changes in pension landscapes for this year:
"Changes of Pension Landscapes within Europe".

General information on pensions in Ireland:
"Get to know the Irish Pension Landscape!"

And last but not least, in order to improve our support to you, we need your help! Please have a look and participate at the website survey and its features.
"New Survey online“!

We hope you enjoy reading all the latest news and updates.

Your FYP-Team


New Survey online!
Changes of pension landscapes within Europe!
Get to know the Irish Pension Landscape!

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Picture with link: New survey online.

New Survey

We ask you to participate in this survey, and to share your feedback with us. Our goal remains to inform researchers about their pension and to let them make the right choices, when working abroad. For this reason, FindyourPension needs your participation!

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Current changes of pension landscapes within Europe!

Pension themes are a hot topic all over Europe. Due to demographic changes people live longer and most of the European populations are shrinking. In order to keep pension systems financially sustainable they have to be adapted from time to time.

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Get to know the Irish Pension Landscape!

Picture with link: Get to know the Irish Pension Landscape!

Ireland is a country well-known from its mystic green landscape, the clovers and its Guinness Beer. When we were joining an EAPSPI meeting organized by the Irish Department of Expenditure & Reform, we learned about another Irish Landscape: the Pension Landscape. This is comprised of provisions from different sources and one of them was introduced recently, namely the Single Public Service Pension Scheme. This scheme also covers many researchers. Currently some 18,500 researchers are working at the universities in Ireland.

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