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It has been a while, which might make a word of introduction useful. The ETS project is all about developing the pilot stage of a European pension tracking service where mobile workers can find their pension providers and get an overview of their pension claims in different countries and systems. The long-term objective is to bring all European pension entitlements together on one platform. The ETS project started in 2019 and will continue until 2021.


Stepping up since the project kick-off event

Since our kick-off event on 2nd October 2019 in Brussels we have made good progress in the project implementation: the Proof of Concept with our Belgian partners has been developed and we refined the concept for the creation of the Find Your Pension Pilot Website. At the same time, details for possible business models are being worked out, taking into account the issue how data sources like National Tracking Services (NTSs) will be able to connect to the ETS in a GDPR-compliant way. Find out more about the ETS project and its deliverables ( At the end of February, Zagreb was the place to be for discussing the setting up of a national tracking service in Croatia, where we also reported on our project. 


New reality asks for new ways of collaboration

Only a few weeks later, the world changed. Travel, events and project meetings in person are impossible now and will be for an indefinite time. Like everyone and all projects and institutions, we had to reorient ourselves. Time has come for digital collaboration!


Invitation to participate in online survey

As a next step, we invite you to participate in the second part of our online survey on Pension Communication (

Labor mobility and access to information are important topics, even more in times like these where borders are closed. The current crisis made us all experts in digital communication in such a short time. It does not matter whether we are sitting in different rooms of the same building or many kilometers away from each other in another country. So, let’s stay in touch digitally but hopefully in person again in the very near future.


We need your views! Survey on Pension Communication

Pension systems in Europe are as diverse as the European Member States themselves, representing different pillars, providers and communication practices. Therefore, finding a common way of communicating and informing about pensions is not an easy task. When it comes to communicating about pensions, it is certainly true that “one size does not fit all”.

During the kick-off event in October last year, the project presented the results of an initial survey providing us with an overview of state of play on digital pension communication across the EU. The second survey we would like to invite you to fill in is the second step to systematically analyse the pension communication process, the objectives of informing citizens, the content and presentation of information and ways or digital tools of communication about pensions. We will share the aggregated results with you at the end of June 2020 in an online seminar and will invite you in due course. Please join us by filling in the survey! Many thanks in advance for your time and effort!

Do not hesitate to share the link to the survey with your colleagues.

Alternative for workshop with National Tracking Services

National Tracking Services are crucial partners in the development of the European Tracking Service. Meetings between the ETS-project team and representatives of the different NTS’s should become a routine. Given the new reality, the ETS project is planning an event in June to bring the NTS around the virtual table. Invitations will follow. 







The Croatian way to a national tracking service




Croatia is considering the establishment of a national tracking service and therefore, a feasibility study had been commissioned with financial support of the EC. In February, an event took place in sunny Zagreb where the study was presented. For the ETS project is was an occasion to discuss the set-up of the ETS with relevant pension stakeholders in Croatia. Representatives from NTS’s from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Germany were there as well to show and discuss best practices in setting up a tracking service.


We concluded that the challenges in setting up an ETS is not that different from setting up a national one. Many questions and problems are similar; however, each country has chosen different approaches and starting points for the development and the requirements and expectations for a pension tracking system. This naturally leads to differences, which are often linked to the specifics of the pension systems in the individual countries.

It was very useful to have an international exchange with representatives from different NTSs to share best practices and challenges and we are excited to do this more often.








First Project Meeting for 2020
in Karlsruhe, Germany






After the successful kick-off event on 2nd of October 2019, the ETS consortium project group met on 21-22 January in the premises of VBL in Karlsruhe, Germany in order to coordinate the work within the four project work streams. Substantial progress was made in defining further the preparation of the implementation phase of for the pilot website, and different possibilities for functionalities. In this context colleagues from the German SoKa Bau joined the meeting and gave useful insight in communication practice and personas described recently. Persons working in the area of construction are one of the most mobile groups in Europe and therefore one of the targets groups we are focusing on. Another topic on the agenda of the Karlsruhe meeting was also the overall communication plan outlining the future cooperation with stakeholders.












A little reminder






The ETS-project is a consortium of eight European partners. The goal of the consortium is to create a platform for mobile workers where they can find their pensions from across Europe. The aim is to make sure that no pension is left behind. The project is a collaboration of eight parties who are working on finding the best ways to create a platform that works for everyone.





Members of the consortium


*   AEIP (European Association)

*   APG (the Netherlands)

*   Federal Pensions Service (Belgium)

* (Sweden)

*   PGGM (the Netherlands)

*   Sigedis (Belgium)

*   The Swedish Pensions Agency (Sweden)

*   VBL. Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (Germany)







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