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We are happy to send you our second newsletter about the ETS project. A quick recap: the ETS project is all about developing a pension tracking service where every European mobile worker can see an overview of his or her pension and aims to bring all European pension entitlements together on one platform. The ETS project started in 2019 and will continue until the end of 2021.


During the last few months, the project has made progress on the development of the Find Your Pension Pilot Website. In addition, we have reached out to the followers of the project: we have invited you to fill in our second survey on pension communication, organized a webinar to share our results with you and decided that we will reach out to several national tracking services to discuss means and topics for further cooperation. You can read all about our activities in this newsletter.


But we’re not the only ones who are working on tracking services. In June 2020, the High Level Forum on the Capital Markets Union published their final report, in which they call on the industry to support and contribute to financing the full roll-out of the European Tracking System. They are of opinion that national tracking services should feed into an EU portal such as the European Tracking Services project we are working on. Following the High Level Forum report, the European Commission published its Capital Market Union Action Plan in late September. In order to facilitate access to individualized pension information and raise people’s awareness regarding their future retirement income, the Commission will seek to develop best practices for the set-up of national tracking systems. They will send a call for advice to EIOPA to seek input on this topic. Last year, with the help of your responses, we also conducted a survey on the state of play on national tracking services across Europe. We are working on a report on this topic and look forward to sharing our results to you and the broader European community.


In this newsletter, we also provide an outlook for our upcoming interactive workshop on pension communication. Please reserve November 26th in your calendar and read more about the content of the workshop in the section below!


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Originally planned in Stockholm:
Tracking Services Meeting in June






National Tracking Services, or NTSs, play a vital role in the development of a European Tracking Service. Just before the summer break, our ETS project organized an NTS meeting on the 29th of June. Based on the outcome of the discussion and different stages of development of the NTSs, it was concluded that the ETS project will kick off its bilateral talks with France and Denmark in order to explore means and topics for closer cooperation. Finally, it was recognized that there is a need for a joint ETS/NTS exchange tool where NTSs can also exchange info on their systems and get in touch with each other. Certainly to be continued!






The first ETS webinar on Pension Communication & Information






On July 6th the ETS Consortium organized its first webinar on pension communication and information. The online event was open to all pension stakeholders and gathered experts from the national and European context.







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Creating the Pilot ETS: Finding and understanding pensions (Findyourpension 2.0)




The European Tracking Service “Findyourpension (FYP)” will offer a European portal on pensions where mobile workers in Europe can find their current, past or future pension providers and institutions as well as targeted information and in a later stage an overview of their personal pension entitlements.



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Follow-up workshop on Pension Communication




After the webinar on the outcomes of the second ETS pension communication survey, we are happy to announce a follow-up interactive workshop on pension information on the 26th of November from 14:00 – 16:00h. The goal of this workshop is to generate insights in the ETS pilot and how to design tailored pension information for mobile workers. In an interactive manner, we will exchange knowledge and ideas about how holistic pension information can be presented without creating information overload.


If you would like to join our webinar, please register by writing your name and institution here!





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A little reminder...






The ETS-project is a consortium of eight European partners. The goal of the consortium is to create a platform for mobile workers where they can find their pensions from across Europe. The aim is to make sure that no pension is left behind. The project is a collaboration of eight parties who are working on finding the best ways to create a platform that works for everyone.





Members of the consortium


*   AEIP (European Association)

*   APG (the Netherlands)

*   Federal Pensions Service (Belgium)

* (Sweden)

*   PGGM (the Netherlands)

*   Sigedis (Belgium)

*   The Swedish Pensions Agency (Sweden)

*   VBL. Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (Germany)










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