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The new FYP portal is a work in progress. It offers mobile workers orientation and assistance in dealing with their pension claims all across Europe. Soon, more tailored information as well as additional pension institutions and providers in the EU/EEA will be presented to feed the pension compass.

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What is your current life situation? Here you can find pension information targeted for certain life situations.

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ETS at the European Retirement Week

Find, inform and activate.

ETS remote event on 3rd of December 2021 as part of the European Retirement Week.

First part will be dedicated to strategies on pension communication, pension tracking and the tensions between comprehensiveness and understanability, presented by Prof. Lisa Brüggen (University of Maastricht) and followed up by a panel discussion with interesting speakers

Opening of the European Retirement Week

The ERW opens with a keynote speech by European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness and quick-fire contributions from the participating associations on the key priorities for pensions and trends shaping the pensions landscape.

The new Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan


On 4th March 2021, the European Commission published its Action Plan for delivering the Pillar of Social Rights, setting new headline targets at EU level to be reached by 2030 in the areas of employment, skills and social protection.

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Keep track on your dashboard

Use your personal dashboard to create your pension overview by

  • Saving all pension providers and institutions you have been affiliated in your pension overview to keep track of your pension provision
  • Collecting personal pension data via the FYP Pension Tracker function (currently implemented for Belgium)
  • Entering your expected pension pay-out in the pension overview
  • Creating your personal action list by saving and following the FYP recommendations

The different sources of old-age provision

Did you know that your pension benefits from within Europe will come from different sources? Maybe you’ve noticed some differences already while moving around: All countries in Europe have got their own pension landscape consisting of different sources, tiers and levels being as diverse as the European States themselves.

In order to give you orientation within the different pension systems you may have earned pension benefits, this page will provide you with very basic information on

  • how the European countries’ pension landscapes are composed and
  • what that means for you.

In Europe, pension schemes can be described by classifying three main roles, purposes and settings. You will recognize them by the icons below:

Statutory Pension

The ancient building is our symbol for the statutory, state or public pension schemes.

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Occupational Pension

The office building represents the workplace related / occupational or company pension schemes.

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Private Pension Savings

The private house symbolises the voluntary, private pension savings schemes.

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