About ETS

On a mission to find, inform and activate

Without information, no insight, without insight no informed decisions. That is the perspective from which the European Tracking Service (ETS) on Pensions operates. Pensions are mostly organized at a national level, while more and more people work in multiple countries. The ETS supports mobile workers manage their pensions by providing an overview of pension entitlements throughout Europe.

The ETS aims to connect data from national pension tracking services. Information will be available at pension tracking services and through the Find Your Pension website. The ETS facilitates best practice exchange and mutual learning. It supports the establishment of new pension tracking services. And it helps pension tracking services improve the information offered to mobile workers.

The ETS association

The ETS is an association under German law. It is a public-private partnership of European national pension tracking services; pension providers and institutions; and a pension association. Membership is open to other pension organizations

Our members are:

  • National Pension Tracking Services
    • Minpension.se (Sweden)
    • Sigedis (Belgium)
    • Stichting Pensioenregister (the Netherlands)
  • Pension Providers/ institutions
    • APG (the Netherlands)
    • Federal Pensions Service (Belgium)
    • PGGM (the Netherlands)
    • Union Retraite (France)
    • Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder (VBL, Germany)
  • Association
    • European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP)

Find, inform and activate: in service of mobile workers

Find Your Pension helps people who work or have worked in different European countries find information on their pension. Pension entitlements can be found through the Pension Tracker; and pension providers through the Pension Compass. It informs mobile workers and citizens in a tailored and targeted way about pension provision in Europe. It also activates them to complete their pension overview.

Under development

Our services are under development. We are working at rolling out our full service. We aim for the Pension Compass to include all pension providers in Europe. You can find targeted information on the pension systems of five countries, but this number will soon increase. After connecting information from the Belgian pension tracking system, we will connect further pension tracking systems. We will enhance the personal dashboard with recommendations and a personalized action list.  

Following a step-by-step approach, the goal is to roll out the service and connect as many pension tracking services to the platform as possible.

The European Forum on Pension Communication

The ETS will establish the European Forum of Pension Communication, which will facilitate the exchange of best practices on establishing Pension Tracking Services and communicating about pensions in an accessible way. It will work towards the common data model, standards needed links PTS’s. The figure below shows the stakeholders involved and topics to be tabled.

Through the European Forum on Pension Communication, ETS supports the establishment of new pension tracking services and helps pension tracking services improve the information offered to mobile workers.