About ETS

About the European Tracking Service (ETS) Project

The ETS project has taken up the challenge to carry out a European Commission action to develop the pilot stage of a European Tracking Service on Pensions (ETS), under the already existing brand www.FindyourPension.eu, a website which has been supporting mobile citizens in dealing with their various different pension claims since 2011.

The European Tracking Service ‘Findyourpension’ will offer 2 different products:

A European pension portal, where mobile workers in Europe can find their current, past or future pension providers and institutions as well as tailored information. Users will find recommendations in the form of a personalized action lists on what to do regarding pensions and a list of contacts of the pension providers they may have been affiliated with. The ETS–FYP-portal will contain targeted information at least of 5 European countries.

A service for pension data compilation overview. This section will provide structured, trusted and up-to-date pension information that could be used by NTS’s and pension providers to provide better service to their members. In a Proof of Concept, the national tracking service (NTS) will be the Belgian NTS, where also non-Belgian citizens will have the chance to have an overview of their Belgian entitlements.

Further deliverables of the project are the set-up of an independent ETS organisation and the description of the fully functional ETS as well as a roll-out plan. Following a step-by-step approach, the goal is to roll out the service and connect as many national tracking services and pension providers to the platform as possible after the project phase.