FYP Study

Publication of the Findyourpension Study.

Date: 01/2020

The Findyourpension portal was created in 2011 as a combined information and tracking tool about European pension systems in order to assist mobile researchers in Europe dealing with their fragmented work biographies. The initiative was started by the VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder), an occupational pension institution for the German public sector, and was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education until 2018. In the course of the project, a network of editors was involved and supported the FYP team by providing information on their schemes and respective countries’ landscapes. In 2019, a new European funded project started, aiming for the extension of Findyourpension.eu towards a European Tracking Service on Pensions (ETS).

In the enclosed published report all knowledge regarding pension systems in Europe as well as the experiences in assisting mobile researchers are reflected. The publication “Pension Provision of mobile researchers: European Pension Landscapes and Reports on the "FindyourPension"- Project“ summarizes the overall project results and gives an overview on pension systems and landscapes in Europe especially relevant for the project’s target group of mobile researchers and scientists working in the public sector. Authors are staff members of the project and of the VBL Division International Affairs and Association Activities. Thanks to all our project partners for the cooperation so far and we are glad to continuing the work.