Tracking Services Meeting

National Tracking Services Meeting in June

Date: 10/2020

National Tracking Services, or NTSs, play a vital role in the development of a European Tracking Service. Just before the summer break, our ETS project organized an NTS meeting on the 29th of June. During this meeting, ETS project members Anders Lundström and Steven Janssen updated everyone on the project. With Michael Rasch from the Danish Pensions Info, we discussed the need for a European data standard and agreed upon organizing a dedicated workshop on this item shortly. Furthermore, all NTS’s shared their views on the potential of the ETS Proof of Concept. Based on the outcome of the discussion and different stages of development of the NTSs, it was concluded that the ETS project will kick off its bilateral talks with France and Denmark in order to explore means and topics for closer cooperation. Finally, it was recognized that there is a need for a joint ETS/NTS exchange tool where NTSs can also exchange info on their systems and get in touch with each other. Certainly to be continued!