ETS/PTS meeting

ETS/PTS meeting


Date: 07/2022

On May 19th, another meeting of the ETS project with several National Tracking Services took place. The meeting covered several topics, the first being a general project update. The latest evolvement on the ETS, the pension landscapes on the FindYourPension-portal and the Proof of Concept (PoC) called Pension Tracker as well as some results of the project intermediate report were presented.

The PoC demonstrates the proper functioning of users’ authentication through the eIDAS framework, which ensures that personal pension data can be delivered from a PTS to the ETS. The FYP Pension Tracker will be implemented this year. Besides that, preparations are in place for the founding of the ETS Initial Organization. Starting from 2023, it will be responsible for the exploitation and development of the portal, the PoC and the Forum on Pension Communication (discussed later in this newsletter). Parallel, the ETS’ roll-out is planned, meaning that we strive towards connecting more PTSs. In reaction to this update, a speaker of DG EMPL on behalf of the European Commission expressed compliments regarding the progress made.

Furthermore, the “Withdrawal Planner” recently awarded by the ISSA was presented by the Swedish members of the ETS project. Several PTSs recognized that citizens approaching retirement need help in the process of retiring, as the information to be communicated is rather complicated. The Swedish PTS, a public-private partnership, support their users to gain a better understanding of the impact that their choices have on their retirement.

This PTS/ETS meetings will be continued in a changed setup in the future. The ETS will establish a European Forum on Pension Communication, through which it will continue to facilitate the sharing of ideas, experience and technologies between different stakeholders in the European pension sector.