Knowledge exchange

Knowledge exchange through the European Forum on Pension Communication


Date: 07/2022

In its Technical Advice on the Development of Pension Tracking Systems (published December 2021; find it here), EIOPA stated that PTSs can play a major role in providing simple and understandable information to the average citizen about his or her aggregated pension income. The ETS deals with the same issues that PTSs also deal with, but at much larger scale. Thus, both sides can learn from each other and also. Besides, EIOPA emphasized that a wide scope of agreement of the ETS data model and standards is important both for the ETS and PTSs, as it will help in the process of connecting to the ETS if the relevant PTS uses national data standards that are compatible with the ETS’ standards.

The ETS was an initiative driven by stakeholder participation and partnership from its very beginning involving not only PTSs but also pension providers and other actors in the field of pensions. The Forum on Pension Communication will continue this way of working by facilitating a network of actors that by learning from each other will help the shaping of user-friendly pension information across Europe. The figure below shows the diverse range of stakeholders that can participate and the kinds of topics that will be on the table of this forum.